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Thursday, October 22, 2009

How bad are your credit card mistakes?

By Erin Peterson

Nobody's perfect. When it comes to our financial lives, we've all done things we later regretted -- whether it's getting slapped with a $3 fee for using an out-of-network ATM or going on a Las Vegas bender and losing the house on an overly aggressive poker bet. How bad are your credit mistakes?
The key is to understand the scale of the transgression. With credit card blunders, that's no easy task -- is it worse to take a cash advance or to pay a bill a day or two late? Experts graded a range of credit card mistakes on a scale from 1 (losing a few bucks to a cash machine) to 10 (losing the house). Find out which worry the pros most -- and which may (almost) get a free pass.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Will My Credit Score Go Down if a Credit Card Company Closes My Account



"I received a letter from a credit card company saying ....... they will be closing my account.......... Will this lower my credit score?"

"This is a tricky one. The quick answer is yes, your bank closing your credit card ... probably will lower your credit score........ There are a few factors that will determine how much your score could drop:"

Q. I've had a credit card for several years that I've always paid on time. But the card issuer just informed me that my account was being closed because of information received from a credit bureau. Can they just close my account because of a credit bureau report that has nothing to do with my account with them? What recourse do I have?

A. Unfortunately, you have no recourse. Credit card companies can pretty much do what they want regarding your account.  

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